Main and Main offers a comprehensive Letting and Management service run by a team of experienced and friendly staff. As one of the leading Letting Agents in the area, with over 50 years of experience, this progressive company has a strong interest in quality residential property of all types. We are here to give advice and information about the range of regulations governing Lettings together with general advice for both Landlords and Tenants.

As a Tenant

Firstly, check that the Agent you intend to rent from is "bona fide", i.e. do they have a client’s account, do their accounting procedures and professional indemnity comply with the requirements laid down by the association with whom they might be associated? Main & Main fulfil all these requirements and are members of ARLA and NALS and are ISO registered Z1558122.

Do I need to supply any information when renting and how long will it take to move in?

It is normal to supply the agent with referees, which normally include the following: employer, building society or bank, previous landlord, and accountant/solicitor or some other. This will confirm your ability to meet the monthly rental payment. In some cases a guarantor may be required. Once all references have been received, this usually takes 5 to 7 days, arrangements are put in place for your move in. However, beforehand an Inventory will have to be drawn up along with a Schedule of Condition, and arrangements made for utilities to be transferred over. On sign up, you will have to pay any monies due, i.e. rent, deposit etc., by banker’s draft. No responsible agent will allow possession prior to completing all the necessary paperwork.

Fees Payable

There are certain charges you will have to find when completing an application to rent a property.

Referencing fee of £165 plus VAT per person payable when the application form is submitted. Administration charge of £100 inc VAT payable on the day of move in. In some cases a guarantor may be required at a cost of £80 plus VAT

Lettings Fee's Information

The asking rent does not include letting fees. Depending on your circumstances and the property you select, the letting agent may also apply the following fees either upfront or during the course of you tenancy:

Signing your Lease and monies required

On signing your Lease, you will have to pay in advance at least one month’s rent, plus a deposit which is usually equivalent to the monthly rent, plus £125. (In some cases this latter amount may vary due to the tenant’s situation.) Please clarify this prior to completing your application.

Your Tenancy Agreement and responsibilities

The Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding contract between the Landlord and the Tenant. It will confirm the length of the tenancy, the rent, responsibilities and rights. The agreement will more than likely take the form of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement under the 1996 amended Housing Act. In most cases, Main & Main normally require a minimum letting period of 6 months; however, longer periods can be arranged.

What other charges do I have to pay?

As a tenant you will have to pay council tax, gas, water, electricity and telephone charges during your occupancy, also a television licence fee. We strongly recommend that you insure your belongings, which we can arrange if you wish.

Safety Regulations

Main & Main have an obligation under the law to ensure that each home we let meets the current legislation with regard to gas, furniture and electricity. All tenants will have attached to their lease a gas safety certificate where gas is installed in the property.

How do I terminate my tenancy and will I have my deposit returned?

Providing you comply with the terms of the lease and ensure that the property is left in a clean condition, then your deposit will be refunded. However, should any damage occur which is not down to wear and tear, eg. Carpets dirty and stained, cookers, fridges left in a poor state, then monies will be deducted to rectify these problems. Any shortfall will be billed for payment. Remember the deposit cannot be set against any unpaid rent.

Tenant’s Legal Obligation

Where there are several tenants sharing a house, there is a legal obligation for all parties to sign the lease and inventory. Remember you are all jointly responsible for payment of rent and utilities and complying fully with the terms of release for the whole period of the tenancy.


As a tenant you are responsible for insuring your own belongings and the landlord will not be held responsible if there is loss of any type for your possessions.

Where has my deposit been held during my tenancy and is it safe?

Legislation has been introduced to protect tenant’s deposits, this came into force on the 6th April 2007 as part of the Housing Act 2004.

The act requires that all tenants deposits are held in a Government run custodial scheme or in an insurance protected client account and that all Landlords and all Agents must join one of these schemes to be able to take deposits. The act further requires that the Landlord / Agent also joins a Dispute Resolution Service and must register all tenancy details with this service.

Main & Main already hold deposits in a client account which is covered by the necessary insurance, and we have been accepted as members of My Deposits. Further details can be supplied about the scheme to either the Landlord or the Tenant as required.

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